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Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

Address:   Frankenstr. 210, 90461 Nürnberg
Tel.: 0911 943 -0
Fax: 0911 943 -10 00
Email: poststelle@bamf.bund.de
Internet: www.integration-in-deutschland.de

Branch of Thuringia - Regionalstelle Jena/Hermsdorf

Address:   Am Rasthof 2, 07629 Hermsdorf
Email: Jen-Posteingang@bamf.bund.de
Branch Manager: Mrs Günther
Tel.: 036601 9336-100
Fax: 036601 9336-199
Regional coordinators:
Mr Werner
Tel.: 036601 9336-131
Fax: 036601 9336-199
Mr Tittel
Tel.: 036601 9336-164
Fax: 036601 9336-199

Brief Description of the Office

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) is a federal authority under the jurisdiction of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the competence center for migration and integration in Germany. It is responsible for asylum, refugee protection, the promotion of voluntary return and integration support. The admission process for Jewish immigrants and the implementation of the citizenship tests also full in its duties.

The Federal Office supports immigrants in Germany with various integration programs. These include among others integration courses for immigrants and immigration consultation for adult migrants and funded projects for social integration of ethnic Germans and foreigners living in Germany.
The current list for providers of integration courses and immigration initial consultation centres is available on www.integration-in-deutschland.de or www.bamf.de.

In addition, it is mandated to perform scientific research on migration issues. The aim of the research is to obtain analytical statements to immigration control. The research results are also made available to the highest federal authorities (departmental research). In addition, the Federal Office maintains cooperation with European counterparts.

Details of the structure and functions of the Federal Office are extensive and varied displayed on the website of the BAMF.


The Federal Office has numerous specialized information materials on the various task areas.

The BAMF answer questions about topics of integration and migration, particularly about national integration courses for foreigners and repatriates.

Telephone: 0911 9436390
Email: info.buerger@bamf.bund.de

Service times:
Monday-Thursday: 9 to 12 am and 1 to 3 pm
Friday 8:30 am to 12 pm

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