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The area of foreigners and late repatriates is governed by the following prescriptions:

  • Thuringian act of late repatriates
  • Thuringian policy of acceptance of refugees
  • Thuringian policy of refund of expenses (belongs to Thuringian policy of acceptance of refugees)
  • Thuringian policy of refugee distribution (belongs to Thuringian policy of acceptance of refugees)
  • Responsibility agreement of the German social welfare law for asylum seekers
  • .

The Thuringian interior ministry, department of issues of foreigners, accomodation of refugees and emigrants, is in charge of the legal and functional supervision in the field of the aliens law, the German social welfare law for asylum seekers and the Federal Expellees Act.

The Immigration law, which became law at the 1st January 2005, is for the 1st time giving the opportunity (according to §23a of the Residence Act) to give someone, who is obliged to leave the country, an exit permit, on the basis of the request of a hardship panel (Thruingian act of the hardship panel). In the Free State of Thuringia this task is assigned to the interior ministry, because it is the supreme federal state authority in charge of the aliens law.

In the education act of Thuringia ("ThürSchulG") in the edition of the announcement of the 30th April 2003 ("GVB1.S.238") it is settled, that every child, that is six years old at the 1st of August, is required to attend school in the same year (§18, passage 1, "ThürSchulG"). Furthermore there exists a new regulation for pupils of non-German languages of origin, concerning the school attendance and informations about the present state in the provincial capital (administrative provision of the 19th July 2005).

The General Act on Equal Treatment ("AGG") became law on the 18th August 2006. It is supposed to prevent disadvantages for reasons of race or the ethnical origin, the sex, the religion or ideology, a disability, the age or sexual identity.

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